Best Practices & What to Wear for Your Photoshoot

As your personal photographer, my job is to help you create a treasure of portraits that will be cherished for generations to come.  As renowned Studio photographer Sue Bryce asks “One day your children will look for pictures of you.  What will they find?” So I give you from my experience, these best practices….that if you follow, will help yield the most genuine, illuminating portraits which stand the test of time.

We must begin with Clothing

The purpose in portraits is to showcase your eyes and expressions.  Therefore, clothing takes a background approach where it supports the face and does not challenge the face.  

Solid tops and bottoms are best.  Prints and patterns demand attention and are very distracting in portraits.  I highly recommend you minimize prints or better yet, not wear at all, especially flannel.

Coordination is about harmony and unity.  Please have no one standing out from the rest of the group in what they wear for the unity of a family portrait.

Gentleman gentlemen, gentlemen, your attention please!  

Family portraits are special for many reasons, and they last a lifetime, literally, so everyone will be viewing them again and again.  With this in mind, I advise the following...

Shirts and pants need to be custom fitted for your body, i.e. tailored.  The results you and your family will notice in the pictures are a huge payoff for doing so, trust me.  Again, this is a family portrait, and tailored clothes are essential. And I can recommend a few tailors if you need referrals.

Next, please wear dark colored shirts (no light blue) which better highlight the face and expressions.  In addition, press/steam wrinkles out, the camera shows everything.


Please bring a brush if you need it.  Facial cloth to soak up sweat and any makeup you may need for touch ups.



Empty Bellies = Grumpy Expressions

Please feed the children and yourselves before arriving at your Photoshoot

Bring snacks & water for small children

You will thank yourself later!



Candid shots make up most of our time, with genuine poses in between.  So please know you’re going to have a good time and bring your love and adoration.


Travel light when it comes to expensive handbags, wallets and other items because we’re in a public park and your belongings cannot be watched during your session.  

Maybe bring a cloth to sit on

We may or may not have everyone sitting on the grass for a shot.  So you may want to bring a throw or solid color cloth to sit on if convenient to carry.  But not required.

Please be on time

Tardiness skews the experience and reduces sunlight time to create gorgeous portraiture; plan ahead for parking and walking to your meetup spot.

The photoshoot location

You may contact Shawn your photographer at (619) 804-6825 should you have any questions or need directions.