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Post Shoot edits are included. Photoshop work is additional.

*Minimum Menu Purchase is $199.00

Prices and Collections are subject to change without notice


Package A


1-5 Digital Images

Print Release License* up to size 11x14


Add-On Individual

add on High-Res individuals

(Purchase 2 or more and receive matching 8x10 or 5x7 print!)

$50 ea.


Package b


All Gallery High-Res Digital Images

+ 10 Lab Quality Prints

(5) 8x10 + (5) 5x7

+ Mobile App

(For 1 hour sessions

expect 15-25 Images)

(For 2 hour sessions

expect 30-50 Images)

Full Lifetime Print Release License*


Payment accepted via Venmo, Cash App, Cash or Credit Card.**

*License for Grad/Senior + Parents only. Extended family members must purchase Digital Image Files Separately.

**Credit Card Fee of 3% Added to Total